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Just signed up for steam - game recommendations please!

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    Hi everyone. I've just signed up for and downloaded Steam as I'm new to the whole RPG thing I was hoping people might be able to recommend their favourite MMO RPG games. I'd prefer f2p ones to start as I'm totally new to it. Which games do you guys love and what are good games for beginners like me? Thank you in advance.
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    This post will probably not be very helpfull to you but you might not get the best answers asking in PhysicsForums that kind of question.

    If I were you, I'd ask gaming questions in gaming forums. You'll get much better answers there.
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    This is in the science fiction and fantasy section of the forum which covers games. It's a perfectly reasonable question.
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    I haven't played that many MMORPGs on Steam, but I'd recommend Mabinogi, Maplestory, and Realm of the Mad God. Those are all f2p. If you ever want to play something that's not an MMORPG, then I'd recommend Team Fortress 2, Warframe, and Planetside 2.
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    Path of Exile, or RIFT maybe. PoE is ARPG but has got some great reviews.
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    Team Fortress 2.
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    And Dota 2. Actually, don't get any. My life is gone because of those games.
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    I'm glad I've never tried League of Legends or Dota... well, I actually used to play Dota when it was a Warcraft 3 Mod. But those games are dangerously addictive. You could try Guild Wars 2 if you want to try some F2P MMO.
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