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Homework Help: Kinematics: Constant Acceleration

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    A badminton shuttle, or "birdie" is struck, giving it a horizontal velocity of 73m/s [W]. Air resistance causes a constant acceleration of 18m/s^2 [E]. Determine its velocity after 1.6s.

    I've used the equation V2=V1+ax x t

    V2= Final velocity
    V1=initial velocity
    A= Acceleration

    The answer should be 44m/s [W] But I don't know how they got that. HELP PLEASE!!! :)
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    Hmm, not sure about the equation you've given with the many "x" variables, although if you mean V2 = V1 + at then that's fine. Where the last term is acceleration multiplied by time.

    What is the answer you got? Do a sanity check i.e. do your units match, does your answer even make sense in the first place? Can't help you with a problem if you don't show what the problem you're having is :)
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    Maybe you show us your calculation.
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