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Kinematics of a double pinion planetary gear system

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    Hi, I am having a problem analysing the kinematics of an epicyclic gear system. The system contains 2 planetary gears, one on top of the other. The centers of the planetary gears and the sun gear are all in line. The system also contains a ring gear on the top most planetary gear. Both planetary gears a connected to a common carrier. My direct problem is getting the linear velocity between the two planetary gears. I have obtained the following equation: Wp1*Rp1 + Wp2*Rp = Wc*(R5 +R6)?
    W is angular velocity, R is radius and V is linear velocity

    Where p1 refers to the topmost planetary gear and c stands for carrier. Now would I be right to assume that Wp1*Rp1 = Wp2*Rp = Vp12?
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