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L.I.F.E facility frequency

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    Does anyone know how the life facility plans on getting shot frequencies of 10hz? Also what are the challenges to this?
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    One of the big issues in going 10Hz is heating of the optics. Right now NIF has to wait hours between shots in-part to let the optics cool.

    I know that LLNL is interested in diode lasers. As I understand it these lasers are more efficient and smaller then what they use at NIF. The hope is that when combined with some sort of forced cooling of the optics, the enhanced efficiency will be enough to solve the optics heating issues.

    There are other issues too. Currently NIF targets are held in place, but a 10Hz they targets will have to injected into the chamber. Thus there are issues with aiming and targeting the pellets. Also there are concerns about debris of an ignited pellet interfering with the impulsion of a subsequent shot.
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