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Langevin dynamics random force term generation algorithm

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    Can anyone tell me an algorithm to generate the stationary Gaussian distribution R(t) with

    [tex] \langle R(t) \rangle = 0 [/tex] (zero mean)
    [tex] \langle R(t) R(t')^{T} \rangle = A \delta(t-t') [/tex], [tex]A = 2 \gamma k_B T m[/tex] (autocorrelation)


    What I just wrote is from the Wikipedia article "Langevin dynamics"
    and R(t) belongs to the simple Langevin equation
    [tex]F(x) = m \ddot{x} = -\nabla U(x) - \gamma m \dot{x} + R(t)[/tex]
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    I have been looking for the same code. It is not exactly trivial. I found some code in the following book
    "The Molecular Dynamics of Liquid Crystals,by G. R. Luckhurst, C. A. Veracini"
    I have been looking for a DJVU copy of this book but havent found one.
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