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Laser pointer life

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    I have a keychain-type red laser pointer (5mW typical type) and I was using it for something when all of the sudden it is really dim. Even if I bump up the voltage it is still dim and I'm suspecting it is fried. I overvolted it for about 2 sec with a weak 5v source off an arduino but it worked fine after that, just today it went dim. Is there a way to "revive" it or is it done for good? Getting a new laser would involve building new mounts etc and it takes a lot of time, plus I need to have this done by the end of this week or sooner.

    I don't know how lasers work but can make it go dim like that?
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    Is there a circuit attached to the end of it? If yes, the burn out or malfunction of any component might have caused this. If not, There might be a leakage through a small hole. They are filled with gas.(if it is a gas laser. If its of other type, I cant be more useful).
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