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Lawsuit against God dropped

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I'm sure that God will be relieved.
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    How would damages be claimed? :confused:
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    I think that was why the case was dropped, but the line "is represented in Romania by the Orthodox Church" suggests it was a clever way of suing the church. Not clever enough, but clever.
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    What right had Pavel to expect God to listen to him in the first case, except as an abject repentant?

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    Wadda scream! Hahaha~
    "God is not subject to law and does not have an address."
    God is not subject to law is an opinion. But that they think God has no address is in my opinion what PF is all about.
    Oh this is funny but I can't begin to enjoy it as much as God must be enjoying this and all.
    Where I come from G-d (whatever G-d is???) has an awe-some sense of humor!!!
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    I didn't think rediculous cases like that existed outside the US.
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    I'm not sure I agree with the court's decision.
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    why not? Lots of countries have judicial branches with liberal practices. In Romania you have the right to sue anyone for anything just like in the US. These kind of cases get dropped all the time. Hell i could sue my high school teacher for negligence for letting the aliens invade if I wanted to, and add one more to the dropped cases tally.
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    I'm afraid God cannot sin any more than he can lie by his own admission in the second case it's just not in his nature, it's in the bible. So God is above the law, he is the law, so don't mess or he'll screw your arse over :smile:

    The court of appeal is God and heavens celestial choir, you could try it but I doubt you'll win :biggrin:

    God will just cite the Book of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Job" [Broken] as precedent, these cases are always non-starters.

    Plus there's always the "test not the lord thy God" clause.

    We may not test or tempt God. At Massah they tempted the Lord God

    Deut 6:16

    It's all there in the legal texts. :smile:

    Last used by Jesus in the case of the last temptation of Christ(Christ vs Satan) Christ won the case.
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    This issue is not about 'God', but about a marketing scam. The Orthodox Church made promises their product could not deliver. :biggrin:
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    Are you claiming God made promises he could not deliver though that's the point. :smile:
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    Indeed! The case was against the wrong defendant. Poor God is not only beyond the law, he had nothing to do with what the Orthodox Church had been advertising in the first place. God himself never said anything and never made any promise at all to anyone. Whatever the Church has being claiming all those years is at best hearsay and at worst fraud. The culprit is indeed the Church that took it upon itself to speak on God's behalf in his absence, without receiving proper legal authorization to do so. The next legal move must be to file a lawsuit against the Orthodox Church for misrepresentation, false advertising and whatever else a clever lawyer can come up with. To prevent similar problems from recurring in the future, the claimant should also ask the court for an injunction banning them from speaking on God's behalf until they receive direct legal permission from God to do so. :wink:
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    You could make a case in Catholicism, because on certain points of dogma and scriptural tenants, albeit rare ones the Pope is infallible. So his voice is the ultimate word of God. However Orthodox Christianity along with Protestantism rejects papal infallibility so we have a get out of jail free card for the big dawg. Mankind is flawed, God is not and cannot be accountable to man.
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    Can G-d be accountable FOR man?
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    He gave us free will, I'm afraid not, another of those get out of jail free cards, believe me the deck is full of them :smile:
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    I wondered why some people thought that there were too many lawyers in the world...:rofl::rofl:
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    Fair enough. After all, one can't sue hypothetical characters :tongue:
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    That's the central idea of Christianity.
  21. Jul 16, 2007 #20

    Ivan Seeking

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    No serious religious discussions are allowed here; for or against.

    Besides, the only reason God was worried was that if he was sued, he would have to allow lawyers into heaven to plan his defense, and that is never allowed.
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    Originally Posted by Shoshana View Post
    Can G-d be accountable FOR man?

    That's the central idea of Christianity.

    Thank you.
    I meant this as a joke and thought the whole thing was a joke. Religion I thought was a blOOdy joke that was not allowed on this fourm!!!!!!!!!
    This was a screaming good time when it began.
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    Does anyone think anyone was being serious :biggrin: I'm agnostic, I couldn't of been more tongue in cheek if I tried. :tongue:
  24. Jul 16, 2007 #23

    Ivan Seeking

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    Ah, a tongue in cheek is hard to catch on the run. :biggrin:
  25. Jul 16, 2007 #24
    Everyone takes me more seriously than I take myself. How can they otherwise do?
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