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Le Chatelier's Principle

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    I've read on it, but dont get this question.

    " The digestion of some foods, such as red meat, releases urate ion C5H3N4Otothe-3 into the bloodstream. An excess of urate in the blood can result in the formation of sodium urate crystals in joints and tissues. This leads to a painful form of arhritis known as gout"

    The equilibrium involved in this process is:

    NaC5H3N4O3 <-----> Na+ + C5H3N4Otothe-3

    Using Le Chatelier's principle explain why eliminating red meat from your diet can reduce the build-up of sodium urate in joints.

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    What does LeChatelier say will happen when you add something to one side of an equilibrium? What about when you remove it?

    If you remove red meat, and therefore remove urate, what does LeChatelier say will happen to the equilibrium?
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    Just read Le Chatelier Principle from your text-book.The question you are asking is the direct application of the principle.
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