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Learning about math delta

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    okay. so, one more week of learning about [tex]\Delta[/tex] and fall break is here! Even though fall hardly exists here, they've managed to call it that. So, then I'm going to Cedar Point in Ohio!
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    That's a great amusement park! Enjoy! Pack warm clothes...it's the time of year when the weather can be quite chilly there, especially at night. You'll want to have a few layers to bring along with you to the park...t-shirt, sweatshirt, windbreaker type jacket. The lines should be short since it would be nearing the end of the season there.
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    what does that triangular symbol represent?
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    yomamma is learning about his special parts in school....he just didn't want to say that so he put [tex]\Delta[/tex]

    I've edited about 5 times lol trying to get this to put a stupid delta symbol!
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    it represents delta (?)


    at our school we're learning about way too basic physics
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    Huh? You're studying the blues?:confused:
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    You are in eighth grade, I wouldn't complain if I were you. Honestly you will meet way more idiots in highschool than you thought possible. Also, don't take normal physics, don't waste your time, just take AP physics 1 and 2(if offered).
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    Don't go to a school where they aren't offered (if possible).
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