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Leaving PhD program with a Masters

  1. Mar 24, 2014 #1
    Could someone advise me on starting a PhD program and leaving after 2 years with a Masters? Do people do this and what are the problems associated with such a course of action? For example is getting recommendation letters a problem and so on...

    The reason I need to know about this is that it is quite possible that I'll be accepted to only 1 grad program where they don't really do research in an area I'm interested in, so I will want to move to another school after 2 years that does do research in an area I like.
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    It's unethical to waste other peoples' time and money on a PhD spot that you don't intend to finish. Another student who would have have finished could take it.
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    On top of ethical issues, some schools simply don't allow it. When I was enrolling my MSc in Auckland's department of physics, I was told if I want to quit half-way through my PhD, I get absolutely nothing. So In my case they suggest I start with MSc and switch to PhD if I'm still interested.
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    You might be pleased to know that I've decided to not do what I thought of and take up a Masters option instead. I figured I didn't want awkwardness after 2 years into the PhD.
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