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LED Project - theory

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    I am a student in CPGE (Classes Preparatoires aux grandes ecoles) in France (2nd year - specialisation Physics -chemistry)
    with another student, we are currently looking for information for our project on LEDs. We have to bring in our personal analysis to the subject, and go into the details, not just vaguely explain the principles.
    most of the information i find on the internet is very basic, do you know any websites or resources that could help me ?
    it would also be helpful if we could find a specialised LED engineer to help us in our project.
    It is important, because it is part of our contests at the end of our CPGE Years.
    Thank you
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    Have you asked a librarian?
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    If the explanations at places like wikipedia.org are too basic, the next step is to look up LEDs in solid state physics books. Check your university library or the university book store.
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