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Hi all,
My question is as below:

I wanted to design a LED saving energy light to replace a fluorescent tube.Now since the power supply of our house is 240V,i cannot just connect my prototype(LED light) directly to the power supply.So i need something to step down the 240V to 12V.Is there any equipment/product for me to step down the 240V to 12V?For example a voltage regulator?And where can i find them?



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I'd recommend an AC adapter (usually, there's a step down transformer, along with some circuitry to smooth out the ripples inherent in AC). Depending on your locale, you can probably go down to your local electronic components house, and buy a fairly inexpensive one (figure out how much current you need! Downside: more current = more cost).

However, what I find myself doing often is going to my accumulated pile of wall-warts (colloquial for AC adapter), and seeing if there's one that has the desired output. After maybe splicing in a new connector on the end to interface with your circuit (make sure you know the polarity, by the way!) you've got a 'free' usually decent power supply!

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