Led shift setup question

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    hello I'm working on a manual shift override on an automatic transmission i have most of my design completed but have no clue where to begin the second half. the idea is to create something to tell me what gear i am in, i wanted to connect a circuit in parallel to the triggers for shifting to where clicking the up-shift trigger moves from one led to the next in the right direction and vise-verse for the downshift trigger, in all it would be 4 leds in total because it is a for gear transmission. could this be done without arduino? any ideas on how to do it?

    any help is much appreciated so thank you very much in advanced

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    depending upon the type of drive (ie front/ rear) you may be able to compare the rotational speeds of the engine versus the rotational speed of the driveshaft (gear ratios). With that, a frequency to voltage converter with a comparator circuit to compare scalar values of the engine speed with the drive shaft might work
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