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What components to make LED bar graph up/down counter?

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    Hey all,

    Wanting to create an up/down counter that uses a photogate as a trigger, and a 12 segment LED bar graph to display the count. It will need to begin at full illumination, turning off one at a time on activation of the photogate. Will also need a reset switch, though I'm thinking a simple break in the circuit to turn off when disengaged, reverting to full illumination when power restored would do?

    Wondering if I can retrofit a standalone up/down counter kit, or whether I'd need to go as far as to invsst in an arduino board and learn code? if theres a route that achieves what I need that avoids going to that extent, id prefer that.

    Size and power both small if possible.

    I've done some reading, but without a firm point of reference on which to draw a bearing, I fear I'm going in circles and not getting anywhere.

    Any help much appreciated!
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    You could use a shift register to build such a "thermometer" code display. Here is a good page on shift registers.


    Even if you used an arduino, such a circuit saves IO pins (which is sometimes important).

    My bias is generally to use a processor since you can easily tweak your code to modify behavior, deal with startup and reset conditions, change sensitivity rules, etc. Learning to use arduino is move into the future.
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    Thanks for pointing me in the rght direction, MBG!
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