Levitating Magnet with Load of 12oz: Shielding Electronics & Transmitter

In summary, the individual has a powerful electromagnet capable of levitating a 12oz load and wants to use electronics within the magnetic field while also sending wireless signals. However, shielding the electronics with a metal sheet would hinder radio transmission and the magnetic field could interfere with data transmission. The individual is seeking advice on how to shield the electronics and ensure successful signal transmission, including the possibility of using Mu-metal or a combination of shielding methods. They are also unsure of the effect of the magnetic field on circuits and have not yet tested their setup.
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So basically i have this powerful electromagnet that generates an electromagnetic field that can levitate another magnet and withhold a load of 12oz and still levitate:

My problem is, I want to be able to use electronics and send wireless signals through this strong magnetic field. I can shield the electronics with a thin metal sheet but my wireless transmitter cannot have this protection, since it would essentially prevent radio transmission. Additionally, even if the transmitter can be allowed to transmit, the magnetic field would have some major interference on the data transmission(right?). So I was wondering if you guys know of any special way to shield the transmitter so that
1) the electronics shielded within this magnetic field won't fry
2) the signal gets transmitted

Is a faraday's shield even going to be effective in this situation? Should I consider Mu-metal instead? Or do a combination?
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Is the magnetic field ac or dc? If it is dc, what electronic component do you expect to fail? If it is ac, what frequency is it, and how large is it (Gauss)? Are you sure the magnetic field will have an effect on the circuits? Have you tried it?

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I'm fairly sure that the magnetic field is dc, since it has an ac/dc adapter. I'm thinking of having a microcontroller and various sensors, as well as bluetooth and perhaps a wireless transmitting mini camera. These are all pretty barebone parts from sites like sparkfun, so I don't think that they will be safe from the magnetic field. And then of course there is the problem with the signal transmission.

I haven't tried all this yet since I'd like to seek some advice before I accidentally destroy something :/

thanks for the help

1. How does the levitating magnet with a load of 12oz work?

The levitating magnet with a load of 12oz works by utilizing the principles of magnetism and electromagnetic induction. The magnet is placed above a base with a coil of wire, and an electrical current is passed through the coil, creating a magnetic field. This field interacts with the magnet, causing it to levitate above the base.

2. What is the purpose of shielding electronics and a transmitter in this device?

The shielding electronics help to protect the levitating magnet from interference from external magnetic fields, ensuring its stability and proper functioning. The transmitter is responsible for providing the electrical current to the coil, creating the magnetic field that levitates the magnet.

3. How much weight can the levitating magnet with a load of 12oz support?

The levitating magnet with a load of 12oz can support up to 12oz (340g) of weight. It is important to note that the weight limit may vary depending on the strength of the magnet and the stability of the base and coil.

4. Can the levitating magnet be controlled or moved while in the air?

Yes, the levitating magnet can be controlled and moved while in the air. By adjusting the strength of the magnetic field, the magnet can be moved horizontally or vertically. However, it is important to handle the magnet carefully to avoid disrupting the magnetic field and causing it to fall.

5. Are there any practical applications for the levitating magnet with a load of 12oz?

Yes, there are several practical applications for this device. It can be used in demonstrations of magnetism and electromagnetism in educational settings. It can also be used in industrial settings to levitate and move small metallic objects without the need for physical contact. Additionally, it can be used in research and development for levitation-based technologies.

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