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LHC Shutdown over fears of mini-white holes.

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    I was checking the news this morning when I happened upon this shocking story:

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    Good one. :p
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    I was totally freaking out for a second.
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    I love it, thank you.:!!)
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    Thank God this wasn't an actual april fools by a major news organization with an article and everything because I can guarantee a huge portion of the population would believe it!
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    Hahahahaha imagine that?
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    @zomgwtf hahaha true that!

    @everyone College humor did an In-n-out joke saying that they were coming to new york, and I think the NYT did an article on it being for real.
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    Now I have to google white hole :biggrin:
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    The concept is best explained in a Red Dwarf episode:smile: Much more reliable than Google.
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