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Light a light bulb with no contact?

  1. Jan 5, 2009 #1

    Is it possible to make a standard light bulb light without any physical contact to it (appart from support)?
    I seem to remember seeing such an experiment, but can't remember the details.

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    Not that I recommend doing this, but if you can find a safe way to suspend a florescent light bulb near a high tension wire you will see it light up, even if the cathode is burnt out.

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    Japan has an official project to deploy orbiting solar panels and transfer the energy to earth with lasers. Currently around 40% efficiency they are spending tons of cash on getting that number higher so that it could compete cost wise with more traditional electricity generation.
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    Or (I would not recommend it either :D) put the fluorescent bulb in a microwave oven..!!
    I will light up.....although the metal parts might spark or arc off!!
    (Its dangerous to put metals in a microwave oven. Dont try this, but those who have
    tried had demonstrated that they will bulb will light up).
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    If you could induce a electromagnetic field and put it in the field, the light bulb may light up. There is also the other methods mentioned above, although I would not recommend the powerline or the microwave for obvious reasons.
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