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Light through a hole is inverted

  1. Sep 15, 2009 #1
    writing a lab report on the pinhole camera
    tonight (if you have any tips please add them), but i'm confused about some things.
    For one, i've learned that the image projected is always inverted when projected through a hole, aperture, or window. I can see how this works when the pinhole is smaller than the object, but when the pinhole is larger than the object whose image is projected, is the image still inverted, and if so why?

    my next question:
    so the lab question/observation my lab report is centered around is, "Will the image characteristics change or remain constant if the distance between the camera and the light source is changed."

    Hypothesis: "I believe the image characteristics will change because changing the camera's position will cause light rays to enter the can at different angles and therefore change where the light rays are incident on the screen.

    Now here's where my problem is. My teacher is telling me to write a background section. He writes, "The background section describes the physics being studied in the context of the experiment." What does he mean by this, especially when the lab question i'm trying to answer IS the means to find out what physics are being studied? I mean, obviously in my conclusion i'm going to state my findings in terms of the physics i learned, but what information do i put in my background that won't render the whole experiment useless (because the physics being studied is the answer to the lab question in the first place, rendering it useless)

    any thoughtful help is much appreciated, thanks
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