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Lightening hit my house.

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    Lightening hit my house and caused a serious amount of damage. Outlets exploded out of walls on all floors of the house. But the worst damage by far was the second floor. So now we are fighting with our insurance to replace every wire in the house. They say only second floor wires need to be replaced and they will replace six outlets on the first floor and some in the basement. We even hired an elec. engineer to write a report. He said every wire and appliance in the house needs to be replaced. So how can I prove to insurance that they need to replace everything even when they go against the recommendation of an engineer? We need help. It's also been 5 months and still fighting over this and no work done to the house. Meanwhile we are living at my wife's parents.
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    Hi Issac
    welcome to PF :smile:

    because we are not there and don't know all the details

    that is not something people that are spread all over the world, on a forum, can answer for you
    you need to work with the electrical engineers, maybe lawyers and the insurance companies to resolve you problem

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    Sorry, this is not something that we can help you with. Try googling "insurance consumer complaints" and your state to find the regulatory body for insurance complaints for the state that you are in and see if they can help.

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