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Little known math books (Binmore)

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    I think some of the mathematics books economist students use tend to be largely unknown to other branches of science.

    Ken Binmore Calculus
    Ken Binmore Mathematical Analysis
    Ken Binmore Logit, Sets and Numbers
    Ken Binmore Topological ideas

    I like Ken Binmore's books. They are VERY VERY helpful in figuring out what's going without jumping right into more advanced books like Rudin. I think most tend to ignore them. However, all these books for the most part require some mathematics maturity. I recommend going through them after taking the standard mathematics sequence for engineering or sciences (Calculus, and other) at the college-level.

    Shayle and Willet Matrix Algebra for Applied Economics

    It's also a very thorough book for matrix algebra. Although, it has some chapters that emphasize about applications to economics.

    My favorite for Matrix Algebra is the book by Franz Hohn.
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    I have a copy of Mathematical Analysis by Binmore (1st edition, so singe variable only) and agree that it is a very good book. It is an elementary introduction to the subject, and by design only uses intervals instead of more general sets. No uniform convergence or uniform continuity, although special properties of compact intervals are discussed which generlize to the more abstract case nicely. Most of the exercises are proofs, and complete solutions are included. So it is a great book to use to get a lot of practice doing proofs, although it does not have sections on "how to prove it", logic, etc.
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