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Ln functions

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    once you find the intervals of Increase/Decrease in a function how do u graph that??
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    What do u mean??There are several steps to be taken before graphing a function.The tabel of signs for the first derivative is just one of them...Between that and the graphing,there are more steps to be taken...

    Please,give a spacific example...And i'm willing to show what to do in order to graph the function...

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    I don't mean to be rough on you have asked to questions in which you have said you knew how to find intervals of increase/decease, maxima and minima, inflection points, etc. but don't know how to graph a function. Are you clear on what a "graph" is. For example, if you were given a function you had never seen before and couldn't calculate derivatives or anything like that, how would you graph it? What is the most basic way to graph a function?
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