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Locations similar to CERN

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    Hi all! I was wondering if there are any other notable facilities, research organisations or institutes that is similar to CERN, preferably in the US or somewhere else in Europe? Of similar scale or importance, not necessarily in the field of particle physics!
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    Look up "US National Laboratories", which include Fermilab, SLAC, etc.

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    Here's a list of US DoE national laboratories.
    ISS (I think it meets your criteria.)
    I'm sure there are lots more! Consider research universities. And commercial labs. (Intel, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and others.)

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    Great suggestions there guys! A small note though, I did forget to mention that I am planning a short visit for undergraduates! We went to CERN in June 2015, and so I'm looking to organize a visit to organisations of a similar scale to CERN. And I am neither a US Citizen nor a European Citizen.

    Haha, but I will look into your suggestions as well! Thanks all!
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    You'd better plan well in advanced.

    For most US National labs (Fermilab, SLAC, Argonne, Berkeley, Brookhaven, Jefferson lab, etc.), they are used to receiving non-US visitors. I've hosted high school and college student visitors from the Netherlands, Japan, etc. Unless you are a citizen from a country deemed by the US State Dept. as a "Sensitive" country, the visiting requirement isn't daunting. You will need to contact the lab's visitor office several months in advance to clear the visit.

    There are other US Labs that are more restrictive (Los Alamos, Sandia, etc.) and will require a lot more work. Unless you are willing to go through months of contacts and going back and forth, I'd skip those.

    BTW, just for future reference, you should make sure your first post describes the situation as clearly and completely as possible. Otherwise, you might be leaving out important pieces of information.

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    PSI in Switzerland
    ILL in France
    LNGS in Italy
    Forschungszentrum J├╝lich, DESY, GSI, BESSY, KIT in Germany

    Not a complete list, those are large laboratories that came to my mind. And that's just central/western Europe for particle physics and nuclear physics. They are all smaller than CERN, but picking the largest one makes it hard to find others of the same size ;).
    I think most of them have guided tours in some way, without special safety requirements.

    As usual, Wikipedia has a list or category (or just physics?)
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