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Logarithmic Differentiation

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    Can someone please differentiate this [itex] \!\(Log\\_2\[[x^3 + 1][/itex]
    im stuck because its base 2
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    Remember that [tex]\log_a{x}=\frac{\log_b{x}}{\log_b{a}}[/tex]
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    so is this my next step? and then do i use quotient rule?
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    You don't need the quotient rule because ln2 is a constant.
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    so is the the answer then?
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    He used the chain rule just fine.

    He just forgot how to deal with a constant multiple. Hint: what's the derivative of 6 x^2?
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    ah, thanks
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    And [itex] \ln 2[/itex] should be there somewhere.In the denominator,to be precise.

    And the thread title,to be accurate,should have been "logarithm('s) derivative"...

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    I deleted my response because he changed his post before I submitted, or it displayed incorrectly on my browser.
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