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Logging out, Timing out

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    Whenever I go to logout, it takes me to the screen which says "thanks for logging out" but I'm still logged in (it still says "Welcome, AKG" at the top, and the "Log Out" link is still there, etc.). I then logout a second time and everything is fine. If I don't log out this second time, however, then the next time I come to PF and click on New Posts, then it doesn't show me all new posts from the last time I logged out, since it's not registering that logout. Also, I seem to time out when I start writing a post but take a long time to finish. So when I finally go to submit my post, it tells me that I'm not signed in and asks me to sign in. If I don't Select All then Copy my post before I submit, then I lose whatever I wrote as a result of this. These problems started happening as soon as the upgrades were made (a couple of weeks ago, or whenever that was) and never happened before.
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    Do you check the "remember me" box during your session? That should keep you from timing out (and it won't stop you from logging out completely if you're on a shared computer). I don't have any explanation for the logging out thing. The mentors have been noticing some odd behavior of PF recently, and we've all told Greg about it, so he knows to look into things (I think Zz put it best...PF is Haunted...apparently just in time for Halloween). I don't know if your problem is related to these other issues as well.

    Thanks for letting us know.
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