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Lookign to get into university

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    Well here's a little background of my situation. I am turning 20 soon and retaking physics for the second time, the first time I took it I got a 62%, in all honesty all my grade 12 marks were quite bad, only getting about a 70% average. After I graduated I was still really undecided of what I wanted to become, even today im still unsure, but I have a slight idea that maybe some sort of engineering field would be something I would really enjoy. For 2 years I have been working nights, and just really wasting time, but recently I decided it was time to get myself together and try and get into a university.

    Now not long ago I recieved my physics midterm mark and it is so far a 92%, I am also looking to take up other highschool courses that I never took before like chemistry, biology, functions, and calculus. My teachers before said I'm not a stupid guy, its just I never really put in an effort to do really well. I hope thats changed now and I just want to know if retaking physics hurt my chances of getting into a really good university like University of Toronto, or something along those lines in engineering. And that if i do really well in those other courses I haven't ever took, would they be able to overlook the fact that I had to retake physics and see that I have changed from being a slacker?
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