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Looking for a word...

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    I am looking for a common eight-letter word of the form abcbabcb.
    So monomono, or bakabaka or tikitiki would all match, if they were actual words.
    There's some Scrabble solvers, but none of the ones I've found support pattern-matching.
    Maybe I'll have to write one...
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    lavalava - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lava-lava
    This word is shown hyphenated in the title, but without the hyphen in the body of the article.

    Sing Sing - the prison in Ossining, NY

    Noncandidates, as they're too long - Walla Walla and Hamma Hamma, both are place names where I live.
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    lavalava Hmm. I'll try that. (I knew it would be something Oceanic)
    P.S. how did you find it so quick?

    Meanwhile, it's got to be in this list. I need someone to parse it. There's only 17,550 to look through. Anytime in the next 10 minutes will be fine.

    (Maybe if I spellcheck it, I'll get 17,449 misspelled words, and one legit...)

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    If you know it is "oceanic" and lavalava doesn't work, try kava-kava.

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    From a quick google for words with four repeating letters:
    hotshots, kavakava, lavalava, caracara, couscous, chowchow, froufrou, greegree, guitguit.
    The bolded three are the only ones which match abcbabcb. Others are a form of abcdabcd.
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    kavakava (more often just kava) and caracara were the ones of which I was thinking.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caracara is probably the most legit.

    Likely such a word is derived from foreign words, e.g., couscous or guitguit. It may be either oceanic or tropical.
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    Um...BoraBora, anyone :oldbiggrin: ?

    Btw, I was married at Lavalava :oldlove:
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    I was going to suggest Kava-kava but got to looking at the medical research since the '70s when I was experimenting with it among other barks and roots. :olduhh:
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    Sorry, neither BoraBora nor CocaCola match the pattern. The others aren't exactly common, but we'll see.
    Wikiwiki is out because I and N are disqualified due to another condition which I did not feel the need to include.
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    Nono. I'm simply guessing that it's likely to be a word from Hawaii or other Oceanic languge, simply based on the pattern. An eight letter word, using only three letters, one of the four times - probably a vowel.
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    Another candidate: Kawakawa. I'll cook up a code to see what can be done when I have the time.
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    At least I found out where "Wakawaka" came from.
    My friend uses it profusely.

    The line Fozzie the bear says after a very cheezy joke.

    "Tell me, why do elephants have trunks?" asks Fozzie.
    "Because they don't have glove compartments. WAKA WAKA."
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    Maybe KiWikiWi?
  18. Nov 17, 2015 #17
    1. barabara
    2. caracara
    3. colocolo
    4. galagala
    5. kavakava
    6. kawakawa
    7. kivikivi
    8. kiwikiwi
    9. kolokolo
    10. lavalava
    11. matamata
    12. mocomoco
    13. murumuru
    14. palapala
    15. piripiri
    16. poroporo
    17. ramarama
    18. tikitiki
    19. torotoro
    20. tucutucu
    21. tukutuku
    22. wikiwiki
    23. wiliwili

    Is there some context behind the word hunt?
    Ed. - Struck out the ones with 'i'. 17 words left and none of them very common.
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    Me too. I'd like to learn what he would want to do with this string extraction.

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    That list seems to be going at it backwards since it is not a list of words. The way to do it would be to get a list of 8-letter words and scan it for the pattern.
  21. Nov 17, 2015 #20
    Or you could fine tune 'grep' in BASH to find eight letter words with first four letters repeated and match it against the list of permutations like I did.
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