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Looking for electronics/engineering magazine suggestions

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    Hope this is in the right thread:

    Im starting my upper level electives for my EE degree sometime next year. Im thinking a few electronics/engineering magazines would be a good start for me to figure out what exactly I'm interested in. That being said, what magazines do you guys/girls like to read?
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    Magazines tend to be available in one or a few countries and they get good sometimes and not so good at others. A bit too patchy and expensive for learning from them.

    For a beginner, you might be better off having a look at YouTube. Look for experienced teachers with good quality productions.

    Do a search on something that interests you. Maybe "circuit theory" or "Kirchoff's Laws" would be a good start.

    Beware of looking for the"cool" stuff like robots and microcomputers. These can distract you from getting a good grasp of the fundamentals. They are great fun, though.

    YouTube is available free at youtube.com or on all tablets and phones.
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    jim hardy

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    see if these outfits give away student subscriptions
    http://www.pennwell.com/publications.html [Broken]
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