Looking for good Transfers Strong in Physics

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I would like to transfer. I am at a four year state school mid ranged, but still a decent sized research university. I am a physics major, though I have a CS minor and am two courses away from a math degree. I'm a sophomore with a 3.9 GPA and have been working for a year at a national laboratory, as a research assistant, and am currently doing computational research for a physics professor.

I'm looking for transfer schools. I would like to shoot high, as anything lower is not worth uprooting my current situation. First and formost I am looking for schools with strong physics programs. I am interested in computational physics/ nano physics, and would like the schools to have good professors/programs in these disciplines. It's also important to me that the ability to comunicate with and to participate in the research of professors is a realistic possibility.

I really like Carnage Mellon
Money is very much a concern

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

note: I'm transferring not for concerns of graduate school possibilities but because I am generally unhappy with my overall experience at the university I am attending.

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