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Looking for Info regarding Unix

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    I'm currently doing a research paper on Unix. I dotn have any experience with it or other operating systems like it. I need to find information about the following :

    1. detailed description of the underlying theory and operation of the technology

    2. a summary of competing technologies

    3. providing a detailed description of what it is and how it functions

    any help on this is greatly appreiciated !

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    You would probable get more help on www.talkroot.com[/URL] then this forum.

    Unix was orignally developed by Bell Labs.


    *BSD was derived from a verion of Unix developed by the University of California, Berkeley


    The Linux kernel was developed by Linus Torvald. GNU is the set of basic tools, which used in conjunction with the Linux kernel form the GNU/Linux Operating System.


    You can download the source for *BSD and Linux.
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