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Looking for latest info on a few topics

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    I found these forums by accident but I'm happy I did because I'm always ready to talk physics.I am not a phyiscs major or in that field, I did take it in highschool and have read some books on relativity and some Hawkins books. I'm looking for the latest information on a few topics..

    1. Singularities - whats the latest on these and where can i find some good info that can give me a solid backround on these and specifically how they tie into traveling long distances in space ?

    2. what kind of math is involved with understanding how singularities and black holes function and how what they are made of ?

    3. Has there been any work done with achieving or passing the speed of light recently ? A colleage of mine just told me this had been done.

    I know these are very general but physics is my passion and I cant find any good material on these topics. I figured users here could save me countless hours of time looking.


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    what has been done? achieving or passing?
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    diff. geom. (tensors with diff. eqs.), from what I have seen.
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    Singularities probably can't be used to travel long distances in space. Are you thinking of wormholes?

    I don't know of any good review articles on singularity research, so you'll probably have to be more specific.

    Differential geometry and topology.

    There are lots of experiments that claim, in some form or another, to demonstrate "faster than light" phenomena. But none of these actually violate relativity; it all boils down to what you mean by "faster than light"
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