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Looking for recommendation!

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    I have bought a new house in Washington (Seattle), which has two lots of 30 x 40 ft and 40 x 60 ft sizes. The second one has a large strand of Birch/ maple trees. I need landscaping done for the entire plot in addition to other small jobs, which include some roofing etc. Can anyone refer me where I can advertise about my project and get bids from landscaping service providers?
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    Take a look in the phone book for local landscaping companies and have them come out and give you an estimate.

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    I used to work at a Landscape Material supplier a few years ago and we would give out referrals to homeowners all the time. We always made sure though that we only gave them good referrals. We would always get good feedback from the homeowners stating how pleased they were with the work the Landscaper did on their property.
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    Do what any company would do...write up a statement of work outlining exactly what you want done and when and in what time frame. Call up every landscaping company you can and have them come out and bid it. That way you can also make sure that the companies are all insured.
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    I think there are lots of companies are doing this. do little googling and you will find there addresses

    Raj Mehta
    http://www.powercontinuity.co.uk" [Broken]
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