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Homework Help: Looking for tables of data - Nuclear/Particle physics

  1. Mar 23, 2012 #1
    Hi guys, I am having to write a paper about a topic of interest for my course - I need to include a table with around 100 pieces of data that I will then need to analyse.

    I've genuinely serached Google, but the truth is, I don't know what data I am looking for. I just don't know what exisits(I'm currently doing my A-Levels)

    I'm not looking for any help with my project, I'm just asking if someone could point me in the right direction - the direction of a nice fat table(s) of data, something I could understand at my level and write about in a little bit of depth.

    Thank you.
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  3. Mar 24, 2012 #2

    ANY kind of help would be greatly appreciated.
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