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Lorentz Tranformtaions?

  1. Sep 12, 2008 #1
    Ok, I think for this problem you have to use the Lorentz transformations, but I'm not sure how to consider the velocity.

    At 9 hrs 0min 0sec an aircraft touches down in NY. At 9hrs 0min 0.01sec an aircraft touches down in San Francisco. The (straight) distance between the two is 3.8x10^3km.
    a) show that any signal that thepilot of the first aircraft sends after the instant of touchdown will reach the second pilot after his own touchdown.

    So, for this x=3.8x10^3km, deltat =0.01sec, but if the aircrafts are stationary, what is the velocity? If it is a singnal, is this just c?
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    Well, this one looks fairly easy...what is the expression for the average speed [tex]v_{ave} [/tex]of any signal that travels a distance [tex] {\Delta}x [/tex] in a time [tex] {\Delta}t [/tex]? If you plug in the distance above along with your [tex] {\Delta}t [/tex] how fast would the signal have to be? Is it greater or less than c?
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