Low RPM high Torque Motor with enough power to rotate 30 pounds?

  1. Hi, I'm working on an engineering project and I need to get a 30pound base to rotate at speeds between 6 rotations per hour and possibly 1 rotation per hour.

    Does anyone know where to get such a motor, or if it is even possible?
    Can anyone think of a better more efficient way of doing this task?
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  3. 30 lbs? That's all?
    1-6 rph? That's VERY slow.
    Not sure why there is any problem.

    A "winch" motor comes to mind, as it can be very slow.
    Cheap and widely available for less than $100.
  4. for the winch motor, what kind of power source do I attach it to?
  5. DC. Car battery.
    In your case, the load is so low that a very small car battery would work just fine.

    Edit: Of course, with such a low current load, a simple AC/DC converter rated to your specs will work as well, with the benifit of just plugging it into your AC wall outlet.
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