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Lowest Power Bluetooth?

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    What is the lowest power bluetooth possible?

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    What do you want to do with it? Bluetooth may be overkill for a simple application; it's not terribly easy for a hobbyist to implement.
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    thanks, but just wondering really, would it be possible to power bluetooth with 50mW?
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    Is this related to your other thread?
    If you are asking it it would be possible to power a bluetooth transmitter directly from the headphone output of an iPod the answer is no. Even if the iPod could deliver enough power in principle (there are dedicated headphone amps that probably could) that is irrelveant; the waveform (=the music) is not suitable for powering active devices.
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    Thanks yeah they are related, just out of interest why wouldn't the waveform be suitable for powering active devices? so would there be no way of powering any electrical device through the headphone socket?
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    Sure, you could inject DC into the headphone circuit using bypass caps and power something from it.
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