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Madrid 11th March bombing

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    First anniversary of Madrid 3-11 train bombings.

    200 victims murdered by some muslim assassins. Workers, students, inmigrants, all people of modest social class from the outskirts, who went that morning to their usual places of work or study, unaware of they were going to loose their lives because of some imaginary and unfair cause, because of some muslim assassins who came from the Hell to put those bombs into the trains. Me, my father and my friends usually catch these metropolitan trains every morning. I didn't go to class that morning because I had a free day. But I woke up watching the terrible images on TV news. And God knows it was the first time in my life I cried watching something on TV. That people hadn't any blame of nothing, and they didn't worth such a fatal destiny.

    Besides the 11th March is my birthday too, I want you to remember for a minute this cruel day for us, and also remember that people who lost their lives that early morning.

    God Save Them.
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    Very sad really. I can't imagine what's in the head of these persons that are able to kill other persons of the same species. If hate, ignorance and fanatism are the rules of our world, then better to say goodbye to the human species, cause there will not be humans in the 4th millennium. All of us will die nuked or wiped by some assassin bacteria or virus
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    Isn't it March 9-th today...?


    P.S.Coincidence,i was born September 11-th.
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    Your country is in my heart and thoughts today, I hope such horrible events are a thing of the past.
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    Thanks hypatia. We don't dare to afirm they are things of the past. Spain is a clear target in Europe for such assassins, no matter we have leaved Iraq some time ago.
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    Me too :eek:.

    There's some sick people in the world :frown:.
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