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Mae-Wan Ho

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    Has anyone on here ever heard of Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, she is a geneticist according to her Wikipedia page, she is director of the The Institute of Science in Society (ISIS), an interest group that campaigns against what it sees as unethical uses of biotechnology and has some VERY wild ideas.

    The reason I am asking this is because basically I want to know if she is a legit scientist that does legit science because some of her ideas make me think otherwise.
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    She appears to be a legitimate scientist with some extreme views. I've never heard of ISIS and their poor quality website indicated they're probably not a huge organisation. Also flicking through some of their articles show them to be quite critical of a lot of mainstream research. Dr Ho does have some publications under her belt (though I couldn't find a full list) however most of it is unrelated to biotechnology. An article that I did find related to biotech was published by ISIS and so isn't peer reviewed.

    I did find a response published in Nature to an opinion piece she wrote in Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease that addresses some of the comments she has made as well as this article that goes over a lot more of the science. I wouldn't say she was a crackpot or anything but she seems to be on the fringe (writing opinion pieces and publishing in non-peer reviewed journals doesn't help).
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    Yeah "on the fringe" seems about right, thanks Ryan
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