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Mag 5.2 earthquake, Southern California, San Jacinto fault

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    5.2-Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Southern California, Felt in Los Angeles, San Diego


    M5.2 - 20km NNW of Borrego Springs, CA

    I was in San Diego, actually in Lakewood to the east of SD, many years ago, when I experienced waves from a Mag 6.3 in that same area as the Mag 5.2. The ground motion was pretty impressive. The couch on which I was sitting was bounced and shaken. I sounded like a jet engine roaring, like when a plane lands and uses thrust reverse.
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    Shouldn't anything below 6.5 be seen as good news for it reduces tensions and therewith the likelihood of the big one?
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    Ahhh! I felt this one. I shouldn't have been up that late, but never mind that. The largest earthquake I've felt in a long time!
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    I just read the Solomons had a 6.3
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    It releases tension/compression at the location of the quake, but that means tension/compression builds elsewhere. It could be a precursor, or not.

    Geophysicist Explains the Aftershocks
    Is this unusual, the rate of the aftershocks?
    But the aftershocks were surprising here?
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    that's a pretty common misconception ...
    compared to the energy released in a M 7 to M8 event, it's just a small percentage and doesn't really change the overall stress in the region very much

    yup around 4 hrs before the California event... recorded that one and several other M 6+ events in the SW Pacific / Indonesia region
    over the last few days. Didn't record the Calif. event a bit small for my distance from it. Need to be around M6 and higher


    the upper event is the M 6.2 from the Solomons
    the lower event is a M 5.7 from the Fiji region

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