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Magnavox TS2560 B101 demo mode

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    Hello. I have a Magnavox TS2560 B101 television that is stuck in demo mode. My parents have thrown away the manual along with the remote, and none of the keys on the TV will work. The demo mode simply shows all the TV's features, and plays continuously. The only way to turn the television off is to pull the plug. Does anyone have a clue as to what to do ?
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    Go buy a universal remote. I've had to do that in the past. The Universal remote will set itself to the tv so you can go through the set up.


    Would it kill them to put a freaking keypad on the tv or even a "set up" button?
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    Thanks for your suggestion Evo, however unfortunately I have already attempted, and failed at trying to get the T.V working again using a universal remote. The remote I am using requires me to input a 4 digit code that configures it for each device based on the manufacturer. None of the specified codes seem to work, but I wouldn't know anyway because if you are searching the remote's internal library for the correct code the only way to tell weather the correct code is found is by changing the channel. Unfortunately I can't do that as the TV is stuck in demo mode!
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    I bought a Phillips Magnavox universal remote for my Magnavox TV and it already had the right code in it.

    I was surprised because I was replacing an old universal remote that was very difficult to program. The best way to program a stubborn remote is to push the off button after each entry. I have had a few over the years that that had frequencies that would change the channel but not turn the TV off.

    Many of them have a manual programming procedure in which you repeatedly push the off button until you hit one that works. It may take a lot button pushing and it is easy to go on past the right one if you are pressing the button too fast. The last one I remember I had to press the off button 55 times to hit the right frequency.

    Edit: I just checked google and several hits mention that to turn off the demo mode you shoul push both the volume up and down button at the same time, but do it only on the ones on the TV.
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    Your remote doesn't automatically scan for the code, then blink, then shut off and store the code for you? Mine did and I used it on 3 different tv's.

    Did you make sure the Universal remote you bought listed your tv model? Not all universal remotes work with all tv models, (go figure).

    As a last resort, you can go to Magnavox's website and order the replacement remote from them, but it's going to cost a lot more.
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    I fond my Phillips Magnaxox universal remote at Walmart. It cost 9 bucks.

    Definitely try pushing both the volume + and volume - button at the same time to get the TV out of Demo mode.
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    Just look up the manual online...
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    Thanks guys! It seems pushing the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously does the trick! Thanks!
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