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Magnetic field in a particle accelerator

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    Protons with momentum 2.2×10−16 kg*m/s are magnetically steered clockwise in a circular path 1.8 km in diameter at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois.

    I am asked to find the magnitude and direction of the field in the magnets surrounding the beam pipe...

    I'm fairly certain that this is a simple plug and chug problem, but I'm not sure which equation to use....perhaps something with the cyclotron frequency?
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    Hint: What is the acceleration of something with that momentum going in that circle?
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    when it comes to charged particles in a magnetic field you're supposed to start with lorentz force
    circular motion refers to centripedal force

    let's not spoil any further
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    got it!

    Alright, the only thing that was confusing me was the units for momentum and trying to set as one variable...

    What i found was B = mv/rq where mv was the momentum that they gave us. After that it was just plugging in the numbers.

    I got my final answer to be 1.5 T
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