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Magnetic field of cylindrical magnet

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    I wanted to calculate the magnetic field of a cylindrical magnet at a point P (r,ɵ,z). The magnet can be at the origin or anywhere convenient. Preferably the axis of the magnet is aligned with the z axis.

    The magnet is of radius r_m and height h_m. The remanent flux density of the magnet is B_r. I have seen a few papers, but some of them are too complex. The simple solutions too, involve models which have unclear assumptions.

    If you know a good analytical model, please point me in the right direction. I know that using FEM (say COMSOL) it is really easy.


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    http://faculty.uml.edu/cbaird/all_homework_solutions/Jackson_5_19.pdf" [Broken]
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    Thanks! But that's a very specific case - I am necessarily looking for a general case solution.

    I appreciate your effort though.
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    It's just that there is no simple solution, analytical and general.

    As you may often expect when a field defined by a differential equation has edgy boundaries.

    And as you may expect about every time with the magnetic field, because it makes no huge difference between conductors and isolators.
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