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Magnetic Monopole

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    First I would like to introduce a brief definition of such a particle from Wikipedia:

    Now, my question is how would magnetic monopoles be detected? Does anyone of you know about more properties of these particles for a better understanding?
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    I read of an experiment to detect monopoles.
    The equipment was a superconducting ring.

    If a bar magnet is dropped through the ring longways the first pole induces a voltage
    that causes a circulating current.The second pole induces a reverse voltage which exactly
    cancels the current from the first pole.

    With a monopole any current would not be canceled.
    A current would circulate continuously in the ring.

    The experimenters just needed to wait.I expect the ring was electronically monitored.

    They did get one hit for the duration of the experiment but only one.

    I think it was reported in Scientific American a very long time ago.
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    Oh, whoa it was on the news just yesterday, pure coincidence. I didn't know really that there was this group in CERN investigating that particle. Anyway, tomorrow is going to be an important day in LHC, we will see.

    Thanks, I will definitely search the Scientific American if they have the article uploaded. Sounds like an interesting procedure to seek for the monopole, even though quite different from the one stated above.
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    Without a little cheating, the existence of free magnetic monopoles is at odds with the proven existence of an electromagnetic vector potential as supported by electron interference experiments.
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    Years ago, I was told by a Physicist, "Monopoles only occur in Texas". This was based on some indirect evidence. I'm not sure if this is the experiment he was refering to:


    Here may be a better link:

    http://www.ph.utexas.edu/~niugroup/files/monopoles.pdf [Broken]
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    This was in 1982, and is known as the "Valentine's Day monopole." A Google search turns up a number of references to this experiment.
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    Hi all, new kid on the block.

    Supposedly, and shown in some (less than totally conclusive) Youtube video's, Rodin type toroid coils seem able to generate monopoles, and have steel rods remain to be magnetized as such. Good north pole is detected, but no south.
    Certainly some odd things happen in all kinds of applications with Rodin coils, but strong and true monopoles would let a toddler build a self running electric motor. So, what will the truth be?
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    I also have a piece of swamp-land in Florida that spontaneously produces magnetic monopoles. I'll sell to the highest bidder. I accept PAYPAL, and all sales are final. :biggrin:
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    Seriously! I didn't even think there were so many ways of endeavouring to observe magnetic monopoles lol. Oh well, it's already 30th here in Europe, we just have to wait few more hours for LHC... even though it may take days until the first collision.

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    Wow! You "wuut" the swamp land, but not the Rodin coil? :surprised
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    I actually lol'd at the rodin coil. But oh well, I'm not really into buying swamp lands though O:
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    Excellent! My scam can't work without a good number of detractors to point to and identify as the "establishment" trying to suppress the truth. :smile:
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    lol, maybe your swamp keeps some kind of mysterious fungus which may surprise biologists O: but as far as I know I don't think Dirac would be surprised by your swamp-creating-monopoles xD
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    These particles can not be detected, as monopole do not exist. It is mathmatically hypothetical to detect ( existance) these monopoles from maxwell's equation ... Divergence of B is equal to zero
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    When will the results be in?
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    What are you basing on to say that such a hypothetical particles do not exist? I am afraid that something similar happened with Dirac at the prediction of anti-electrons (positrons), and at the end it turned out that positrons really existed.

    I don't know really, but I will ask a friend I know who works in CERN. But the first collisions have been achieved today at 13h here in European time (+1GMT).

    I recommend to everyone around to check the live-stream of LHC, even though they will stop broadcasting in 3 hours.

    http://webcast.cern.ch/lhcfirstphysics/ [Broken]
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    Neutron scattering experiments on spin ice systems are now claiming to see monopoles. Though technically I think these are quasiparticle excitations with a monopole charge (but don't quote me on that). There was a paper in Nature Physics not that long ago, you should be able to google it.
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    I don't think these spin configurations deserve the name monopole. In a way it's just a moving loose poles. They call it "particle" and to make the story more interesting they put monopole in the headline.

    It's nowhere near real particles or what the LHC is trying to find.
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    Ha ha, yea I am with you on that one.
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