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Magnetic Push and Pull

  1. Aug 23, 2009 #1
    Magnetic "Push" and "Pull"

    To make the question simple to understand, if I took two standard bar magnets, and placed them approx. 4 cm from each other with a north pole facing south, and then placed them the same distance from each other but with a south pole facing south, would the attractive force of the first arrangement have the same strength as the repelling force of the second arrangement? Or can "push" and "pull" not be compared with the same measurement?

    Thanks very much and you can call me "magnet boy" from here on out if you find it funny. :P
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    Re: Magnetic "Push" and "Pull"

    Yes, all other things being equal, the attractive force and the repulsive force are proportionate.
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    Re: Magnetic "Push" and "Pull"

    Okay, that's good to know. =D
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