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Magnetic resonances of different steel grades

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    Ok folks, newbie here, with ideas of granduer.
    I need to find out if the magnetic resonances of 304 stainless and 316 stainless. I know that the differnet compositions of metal alloys will have diferent magnetic properties. ie, the amount of iron ferrite in stainless should have a corresponding value to differentiate the different types.
    thank you in advance for your patience. I dont really know a whole lot about physics. please put your answers into terms a carpenter can understand. Layman's terms.

    Thank you, Jason
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    I don't expect any magnetic resonance from 304 nor 316. Both are initially austenitic, never ferritic, and very weakly ferromagnetic. They can become more ferromagnetic if cold-worked; 316 little, 304 more, especially the variants with more carbon (=not 316L).

    This is said to relate with the partial transformation from austenite into martensite, which is ferromagnetic. Sure! As far as metallurgy is a science...

    In these alloys, carbon eases the transformation into martensite by cold work, but nickel opposes, hence 304 > 304L > 316 > 316L.

    One note: 316L does harden by cold work, though it stays very little ferromagnetic, which would imply that the hardening process is NOT martensitic transformation - as opposed to what textbooks claim. 316L can become as hard as any other, it just needs more deformation.
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