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Mailbox limit

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    As a paying contributor, should I not be entitled to more than 150 messages in my mailbox?

    I had this problem several years ago, I don't think it's ever been fixed.
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    It appears you're no longer a gold member :)
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    You're right. How did that happen?

    Even so, Gold members are only entitled to 200?
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    Looks like it expired yesterday. Gold members get 300.
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    Paid up now.
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    welcome back, thanks! :)
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    If you don't want to lose old Private Messages, but are close to the maximum, you can download them onto your own hard drive and then delete some of them from your PF account.

    Look at the bottom, right side, of your Private Messages page and you'll see the option to download the messages.
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    Yep. Done that a few times now.
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