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Major and Transferring Info Needed!

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    I was wondering if I could go to a 4 year university for 2 years instead of 4. Can I do all my GER's at that 2 year university, then transfer to a more prestigious school and declare a major there? Will that be a good idea? Because the university I'm planning on attending for 2 years doesn't offer the major that I want (biochem).

    Or do you guys think it will be better if I declare my major as bio at the 2 year and then switch majors when I transfer?

    No one in my family has gone to college before so I'm pretty much going into this blindly, and I'm in need of some help because I don't know how all of this works.

    Thank you,

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    Your best bet is to talk to the school you plan on transferring to. They will know more specifically what your best course of action would be.
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    Ok, thank you very much! I'm also thinking about bio/math major...do you have any perspective on that?
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