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Majoring in physics

  1. May 30, 2013 #1
    I am going to college in the fall at Marquette University and intend to major in physics. I improved my physics grade from a b+(91%) first semester to an A (95%). I'm just curious what can I expect my first year of college? How much different is first yr physics with calc from high school physics? Can a freshmen with only a little knowledge work on research? Any advice or words of wisdom is appreciated.
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    If you've had calculus based physics in high-school, it is much the same. However, expect to see more depth and rigor in your college courses. If the only physics you've had is algebra based, it'll be the same concepts and such, but you'll be using better, more streamlined and descriptive form of math (all my opinion of course, but I'd say few would disagree).

    Freshman with little to no college physics are usually told to wait on research. Typically you would want to wait until you're beginning your advanced undergrad courses in your late sophomore or early junior year.
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