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Making a pressure vessel out of an oil barrel

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    I want to build a pressure vessel for casting Polyurethane under pressure.

    Does any one know if it is safe to put an oil barrel under a pressure of 60 PSI ?

    (It has to be a barrel that can be opened and closed with a lid, other wise I can't put the mold in. :smile: )
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    Please do not even consider this approach. These barrels are not designed for any significant internal pressure, and could easily rupture, possibly killing anyone nearby. 60psi does not seem like a very high pressure, but this amount of compressed air, in a large volume, carries a significant amount of stored energy. You basically need some sort of autoclave vessel that is rated for the required pressures.
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    I just registered on this site because I must warn you that tin oil barrel may Kill you . My racing buddy Rick Alexander is dead because the head of an oil drum struck his chest and face. They are just crimped on. Do not apply pressure to them.!!
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    Thanks for the advice, ofcourse I would rather have heard the opposite, but
    I am not goiing to try this.
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    Good choice. And, Flathead, my condolences on the loss of your friend.
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    Thank you for heeding the advice you got here. Many, many people have been killed by truck tires on segmented wheels that failed, and they are designed for the pressure they operate at. Oil drums are certainly not. I have seen oil drums with badly bulging heads because they were left "empty" out in the sun with the bung stoppers threaded too tightly to allow the volatile contents to vent.
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