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Making a rather unusual magnet

  1. Oct 18, 2005 #1

    I am making myself a humbucking pickup for my guitar and I need a bar magnet with poles running from one long side to the other (refer to http://www.rehandalal.com/magnet.gif" [Broken])... It needs to be a relatively strong magnet. So if anyone could offer any suggestions as to what material I should be magnetizing and how to go about magnetizing it would be much appreciated.


    Rehan Dalal
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    I don't know how strong the magnet should be, maybe you could provide a favorable gauss range for us.

    The Earth's magnetic field is about 0.6 gauss, and a refrigerator magnet's, between 10 and 100 gauss. If you want it (‚Č•refrigerator magnet) you'll need to buy one.
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