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Manual or automatic save power in water heater geyser

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    Water heater geyser(15 lit) for bathroom.

    We use geyser from morning 6am to 11:30 am only. So which would save power keeping the geyser on automatic mode or turning it "ON" in the morning and turning it off at 11:30 am.

    I know for e.g if the temp is set to 60 deg, on automatic mode whenever the temp fall below 60 say 59 , it would again heat up just 1 deg. Also the geyser are insulated.

    But if I use manually turning it on & off as above. It will definitely initially have to use power from room temp to the set 60 deg and I think it doesn't take much time. But remain off for rest of the day after 11:30 am.

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    Okay, now... this is the second time that someone has posted about a "geyser". What the hell is that?
    I have a water heater like everyone else that I know. It's 380 litres in capacity, burns natural gas, and is thermostatically controlled. What's with this "15 litre" stuff? That's not even enough to wash your hair. :confused:
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    In India, it is used only for bath purpose and is generally small within 40-45 litre and its size is equivalent to the picture in the attachment.

    And it works in electricity and thermostatically controlled and insulated. All I wanted to know is, when would the power consume is more and why.
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    Hi rajeshmarndi. I'm sure it would be more efficient to switch the power on around 5:45 and switch it off at 11 or thereabouts. Unless there are other considerations that you haven't revealed. Keeping the water hot for 18 hours while there is no demand is a waste of energy, the thermal insulation isn't perfect.

    Do you speak of it there using the English word "geyser", or is that how you have translated it from your Indian language? It is an unexpected use of the word; though maybe ¨geyser¨ is the brand name or manufacturer's model name?
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    There is always a large debate on this, many believes it is less consuming when it is left on automatic mode and no need to play around with the appliance. Others believe keep it on, only during the period when it is required.

    I am aware but I do not know what word is used in some other countries. But when you google "geyser water heater" one will find similar picture that is in the attachment. That is why I attached the picture.
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    There can be subtle factors the come into play when evaluating efficiency. For example, in a cold climate it may be discovered that the heat leaking from the tank is keeping a cupboard of clothes warm and dry, or taking the chill off a small room. So that when you eliminate most of that incidental heating by improving the tank's thermal efficiency, you may have to introduce other space heating to compensate, or at least increase room heating during the time the tank now ceases to "leak" heat.
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